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Choose the service you require and find out more about what we can offer.


Have songs written down? Need help to get it from your notebook to a fully produced track with complete instruments and back up? We can help you. More


Taking your music from your garage to disc? We facilitate overall production as we capture your sound and provide more beyond basic recording. More


Take your branding up a notch with music tailored for your needs. From product launches to TV, radio ads, and web promos. More

Music Composition

Realize your ideas as we are able to assist you from melody, composition, lyrics, recording, to full production. More

Music Recording

Let your listeners hear your music in all its glory as we record, produce, mix, and master your tunes for release. More

Mixing and Mastering

Recorded elsewhere and need a discerning ear? Let us have a go to mix and master your music. More

Sound Design

Let us create the atmosphere sonically for any requirement you may have. More

Film Scoring and Mixing

Short films, full length films, animation, and documentaries. Let us create music to your picture. More

Voice Over Recording

Music is great but "words" make us understand. See how we can help you capture it clearly for your target listeners. More

Multimedia & Web Audio

As the virtual world takes its place, it finds the need for music and recording more and more from websites to various digital media. We can help you. More

On Location Recording

Need to capture live sound where you are? We can come to you! Our mobile equipment and setup will get you recorded outside the confines of the studio. More

Library and Production

Need music sources for your sound library? We can write music for you for whatever requirement... even those you wish to resell. More

Podcast Production

Take things to the next level. Let us professionally direct, record, and produce your podcasts. More

Audio For Games

From mobile apps, consoles to net browsers, we can cast, direct, record, and compose your game music and provide every audio requirement to complete the picture. More

DJs | Remix

DJ's without any production background but are overflowing with ideas can find that middle ground as we can produce the track with you in control. We can also do remixes or any dance edits or mashups. More